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Welcome to Coastal Energy

The Otaki Energy Co-operative Ltd, trading as Coastal Energy, was formed to deliver renewable electricity, and other products for their members and in future is planning to offer to its members also the opportunity to purchase their grid electricity through Coastal Energy. This would increase member financial benefits as well as growing the Co-Op.

We have chosen to work under the model of a Social Enterprise, forming a Co-operative and encouraging community ownership of the company and making a profit for our community. The same core principles apply to all Co-operatives: Democracy, Openness, Equity and as a co-operative company all profits are retained for the shareholders. This allows for a fair and economic co-operation, a sharing of the benefits such as better prices for electricity, increased installations of solar panels and other clean energy opportunities as they emerge, to generate power for their own use. This in turn will strengthen our local community.

Benefits when joining the Co-operative

*  Analysis of energy use and advice on how to reduce costs
*  Discounts on purchases
*  Rebates on transactions
*  Dividends on shares
*  Group purchasing power
*  Influence in negotiations with other partners

Our vision is to provide the best energy efficiency for our members.

Storage Heater
Storage Heater
Solar Panels
Energy Efficiency