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July 20127 are pleased to announce the installation of a 3.48kW Solar Photovoltaic system at Te Kura-A-Iwi O in Tasman Rd. The system has several objectives apart from generating Electricity and reducing Power costs. The kura likens this initiative to the Māori mythological figure and demi god, Maui, and how he was able to manipulate nature to benefit man. The story most commonly told and known is how he slowed the sun, enabling man to become more sufficient and productive with the increased hours of sunlight. Although, we aren't trying to beat the sun into submission, we are trying to utilise the rays of the sun to harness power for our kura. This opens up our world to the immeasurable possibilities of solar technology as a learning tool and a viable free source of energy.

The data available from the system provides detailed information and comparison of the Generation and Consumption profile of the Kura. Details from each of the 12 Photovoltaic panels is recorded, enabling accurate comparison with the consumption for each minute. Such data is an essential component of future planning and design for further development in the Otaki area. are enthusiastic the educational benefits will do much to dispel common myths and misinterpretation concerning the expectation of Solar in the Community.

Potential future developments under consideration include a large scale Solar Farm concept for direct benefit of the community.

For further information contact Phil Malpas E:

Or Sam Doyle, Tumuaki